Xqtor Series Digital Servo
Product Category: Xqtor Series Digital Servo
xqtor Integration of DC motor, reduction gearbox,encoder and drive; 360° turn; light; low-cost;800h of continuous running. It is applied in Robot joints, teaching robot,  service robot,  robot competition, and 3D printer etc
Xqtor Series Digital Servo
type XQtor-H7 XQtor-MiniX
weight  166g 94g
rated voltage 8-14.8V 8-14.8V
rated power 13W 6W
maximum rotation speed 60Rpm 70Rpm
rated torque 1.3Nm 0.7Nm
gear reduction ratio 200:1 191:1
feedback Position; Speed;Current;Temperature
angle resolution 12位
working temperature 10-80℃
communication interface RS-485
communication protocol Modbus/customized protocol
gear backlash ≤0.3°

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