Star Mobile Robot
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Star robot is mainly used in unmanned workshops of electronics and machining industry. It can automatically grab objects,handle and transport work pieces with mobile robot, robot arm and machine visual system in place of workers, thus achieving unmanned production in workshops
Star Mobile Robot
Star Mobile Robot
  dimensions:   L1100*W650*H745mm (without arm) 
  navigation:   laser SLAM/magnetic tape navigation
  walking direction:   forward,backward,spin around(Remote control mode)
  driving mode:   two-wheel differential driving
  movement speed:   18-36m/min
  payload:   50KG
  maximum grip weight:   15KG(maximum working reach1000mm,normal working reach 700mm )
  alarm way:   speaker, 3-color light
  lifting mechanism
  of driving unit:
  one-button electric lifting
  AGV repeated
  positioning accuracy:
  maximum ±10mm
  arm repeated
  positioning accuracy:
  safety device:   lidar, bumper, E-STOP
  endurance:   no load: 12h, full-load: 8h
  available options:   auto charge;vision;gripper


Multiple navigation methods
Star supports tape/laser SLAM trackless navigationUser can choose appropriate navigation methods according to different environments,which makes it more flexible and universal to adapt to complicated working environment.
Safe and reliable
Robot arm support torque feedback, so the robot will stop in time when it touches obstacles. Moreover, multiple protection measures ensure the safe and reliable work, such as remote laser protection, short distance anti-collision protection, E-stop, etc.
Independent R&D
The key subsystems of Star, such as mobile robot,Elfin robot, AGV, machine vision and force control gripper are all developed by Han’s Robot. It ensures the consistency as well as compatibility of the whole system and reduces costs for customer as much as possible.
Easy to operate
Force-free teaching effectively reduces debugging time and learning cost.It can communicate with customer machine and portable PC via wireless net works. Besides, such operations can be finished in very short time as robot arrangement, visual matching, teaching pendant and so on through the friendly man-machine operation interface.Additionally, real-time monitoring will start if host computer software is installed in customer monitoring computer.

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