How can i get more videos of Elfin collaborative robots for more information?
Han's robot's YouTube channel
What's the main features of Elfin collaborative robots?
• Open platform
• EtherCAT communication
• High Integration Modular Design
• Optimized motor and servo drive
What's the communication protocol of Elfin collaborative robots?
EtherCAT communication
• Fast transfer rate
• Strong anti-interference
• Directly connect to the host computer
What's the application of the Elfin collaborative robots?
Elfin robots have been applied in assembly,pickup, polishing, welding, and spraying, etc. Check more application videos on our YouTube channel
What's the motor and servo drive of Elfin collaborative robots?
•Independently developed by Han's group
•High torque density
•Excellent control performance
What's the modularized joint of Elfin collaborative robots?
•Unique kinematic structure
•Extremely flexible
•Integrated modular design
•Body weight reduction
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