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Versatile and Agile: Han's Robot's 6 Axis Robot Arm for Dynamic Automation

Date: 2024.03.20

Greetings from Han's Robot, your reliable automation solution partner. We are pleased to present our cutting-edge, 6 axis robot arm-equipped Elfin-Pro Collaborative Robots. Focusing primarily on internal wiring, video systems, and force control integration, we are dedicated to offering cutting-edge, approachable solutions that enable companies in a range of sectors. Han's Robot is committed to transforming automation in the future by using the accuracy and productivity of our 6-axis robot arm to enable flexible production and small batches.

Force Control Integration for Perfect Trajectory

At Han's Robot, we understand the significance of force control in achieving perfect trajectory during automation processes. Our Elfin-Pro Collaborative Robots boast exceptional force control integration, ensuring precise and accurate movements. With constant force control, our 6-axis robot arm follows a predefined path flawlessly, resulting in optimal performance and enhanced productivity. With Han's Robot's force control integration, you can achieve superior trajectory control for a wide range of applications, including intelligent assembly and flexible production.


Camera System for Enhanced Automation Capabilities

Han's Robot takes automation to new heights with our advanced camera system. Our Elfin-Pro Collaborative Robots feature internal wiring, providing better anti-interference ability and supporting fast deployment. The integration of AI applications, such as visual positioning, object detection, and QR code recognition, enhances the capabilities of our 6-axis robot arm. With Han's Robot's self-developed hardware and software, our camera system offers a user-friendly and interactive interface, making operation seamless and scalable. Experience the power of intelligent automation with the Han's Robot camera system.


Streamlined Automation with Internal Wiring

Our 6-axis robot arm is designed with internal wiring, reducing the number and length of external cables. This streamlined approach simplifies the wiring process, eliminating common issues such as tangled wires and signal interference. By connecting our Han's Robot to the AI vision system through internal wiring, businesses can achieve seamless integration and enhanced automation capabilities. Experience hassle-free automation with Han's Robot's internal wiring, enabling businesses to optimize their production processes.



Han's Robot stands at the forefront of automation solutions, offering the next generation Elfin-Pro Collaborative Robots with a 6-axis robot arm. With force control integration, our robots deliver perfect trajectory control, empowering businesses in intelligent assembly and flexible production. Our camera system, coupled with AI applications, enhances automation capabilities and enables visual positioning and recognition. With internal wiring, Han's Robot simplifies the automation setup and eliminates wiring complexities. Join us at Han's Robot as we revolutionize the automation landscape, providing advanced, user-friendly solutions with our 6-axis robot arm. Experience the power of efficient and precise automation with Han's Robot's innovative technologies.

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Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.