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Core Tech

With strong independent R&D of core tech in collaborative robotic automation, Han's Robot can meet customers' diversified and individualized needs from different applications. Industrial automation and robotics revolutionize manufacturing processes by integrating advanced technologies for increased efficiency and productivity. Using leading robotics technology, it's constantly exploring the breadth and depth of service to humanity. Adhering to the mission statement of "Serve Humanity With Robot Technology", Han's Robot continues to move towards becoming a global leader in the era of intelligent robots.

R&D Strength

Since its inception, Han’s Robot has focused on the iteration and development of robotics technology and is committed to becoming a global pioneer in the era of intelligent robots. In addition to top talent reserves from different countries and regions, we continue to invest in research and innovation, driving advancements in collaborative robot technology. Furthermore, we have established deep collaborations with over 20 top universities and research institutions in China and globally, engaging in cutting-edge research projects together to ensure that we always remain at the forefront of collaborative robot automation.

Patents & Certifications

Based on more than ten years of industrial experience, we have been absorbed in exploring the technology of cobots (collaborative robots) and their applications, and have obtained authoritative certification and recognition from home and abroad.



Cooperation with Top Universities in the World
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Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.