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Automate Your Palletizing Process with Han's Robot's Advanced Cobot Palletizer Technology

Date: 2024.05.17

We are pleased to present the Han's Robot cobot palletizer, a state-of-the-art technology that will expedite the palletizing and depalletizing procedures. Our palletizers are capable of efficiently and accurately handling instances involving disorderly palletizing thanks to their high-precision vision-driven technology. Discover the power of Han's Robotics' cobot palletizers and achieve unparalleled optimization of your palletizing processes.


High-Precision Vision-Driven Palletizing

Han's Robot's cobot palletizers redefine precision with their high-precision vision-driven capabilities. Our robots utilize advanced vision systems to accurately identify and handle objects, even in disordered and unorganized arrangements. With this technology, the cobot palletizer ensures precise placement of items on pallets, resulting in neatly stacked and stable loads. Trust in Han's Robot's cobot palletizers for high-precision palletizing solutions.


High Payload Capacity and Extended Reach

Our cobot palletizer, the S heavy payload cobot, is engineered to handle demanding palletizing tasks. With a remarkable payload of 30kg and an arm reach of 1800mm, our palletizer can efficiently depalletize pallets up to 1.8 meters high. This high payload capacity and extended reach enable the cobot to handle heavy loads and reach various positions on the pallet, ensuring precise and efficient depalletizing operations.


Efficient Depalletizing for High Pallets

Our S heavy payload cobot palletizer is designed to handle high pallets with ease. With a 30kg payload and an impressive 1800mm arm reach, our robot can efficiently depalletize pallets up to 1.8 meters high. This capability allows for seamless depalletizing of tall stacksand enables operators to access items at various heights without the need for manual intervention. Choose Han's Robot's cobot palletizer for efficient and effortless depalletizing of high pallets.


Speed and Adaptability for Mixed and Disordered Arrangements

Han's Robot's cobot palletizers offer fast depalletizing speeds to enhance productivity. Our robots can reach speeds of up to 20 boxes per minute, ensuring swift and efficient handling of palletized items. Additionally, our cobot palletizers are designed to excel in scenarios with mixed objects and unorganized arrangements. The robots can adapt to varying shapes, sizes, and positions of objects, making them versatile and flexible in palletizing applications. Trust Han's Robot to handle your palletizing needs, regardless of the complexity of the arrangement.



Han's Robot leads the industry in revolutionizing palletizing processes with our advanced cobot palletizers. Experience high-precision vision-driven palletizing, ensuring accurate and stable placement of items on pallets. Benefit from efficient depalletizing for high pallets, with our S heavy payload cobot palletizer.

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