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Cobot Palletizer: The Ultimate Solution for Warehouse Automation

Date: 2024.04.01

In a shared workspace, collaborative robots facilitate direct human-robot interaction. In palletizing, they assist workers, augment their capabilities, and enhance productivity. Cobots can seamlessly work alongside human employees to pick, pack, and stack items onto pallets with high speed and accuracy. They integrate advanced sensors and controls that allow them to work safely in close physical proximity to humans without the need for barriers. Through technologies like torque limiting, force detection, and safety-rated monitored stops, a cobot palletizer enables a perfect blend of man and machine for optimized palletizing process.



History of Palletizers

The concept of palletizing originated during the 1950s as manufacturers started employing wooden pallets to transport goods more efficiently throughout the supply chain system. This development allowed factories to move heavier loads with forklifts and helped minimize product damage compared to previous transport methods. Early palletizing was performed manually by workers.


In the 1970s, the first automatic palletizing solutions emerged to address capacity issues. Known as conventional palletizers, these early machines functioned via fixed automation where the palletizing process moved along set pathways and cycles. Sensors and basic controls provided some capability to stack boxes in predefined patterns. Through the 1980s, advanced sensors and programmable logic controllers gave palletizers greater flexibility to handle variable products and sizes. Today, cobot manufacturers offer palletizer solutions that carry this progression forward with cutting-edge robotics, vision, and learning.


Advantages of Cobot Palletizers

A cobot palletizer offers several key benefits as compared to conventional types. The top advantages include (but not limited to) the following:


  1. Increased Productivity

A cobot palletizer allows continuous operations and optimizes workflows versus stationary machines with switching/setup times. This boosts palletizing throughput by minimizing downtime.


  1. Flexible Deployment

Mobile cobots can palletize in flexible areas near storage locations compared to fixed workstations. They are easily redeployed between tasks. This modular flexibility allows a cobot palletizer to palletize in multiple zones based on warehouse traffic flows or production needs for maximum space utilization.


  1. Safe Human-Machine Collaboration

Advanced safety features like collision detection enable cobots to safely work in direct contact with humans without the need for bulky fences. This leads to a more collaborative work environment. With minimal safety barriers, workers can load materials right onto the cobot palletizer for efficient operations in a shared work area.


Product Highlight: S Heavy Payload Collaborative Robot (S30)

The S Heavy Payload Collaborative Robot is recommended for palletizing applications requiring precision and efficiency for handling heavy loads. With an impressive payload capacity and working radius, the S30 cobot palletizer can manage a wide range of complex palletizing tasks. Some of its top features include:


Heavy Payload: Rated up to 30kg, the high payload capacity allows palletizing of heavily packed boxes or other bulky/dense items with ease and without lifting restrictions. It can efficiently palletize up to 13 boxes per minute.

Long Arm Reach: With a working radius of up to 1800mm, the extended rotational reach provides a spacious workspace. This allows the S30 to palletize various products in different configurations, sizes, and locations on the pallet with superb accessibility.

Quick Response: The end-to-end EtherCAT bus communication of the S30 ensures rapid response times. Its real time control refresh frequency of 1000/5000 Hz enables swift and accurate movements during task execution.


The S30 cobot palletizer also offers security through advanced safety functions and easy programmability for operators without extensive robotics experience. Its modular design facilitates flexible deployment and simple customization to meet various customer needs.





Cobot palletizer solutions like Han’s Robot’s S30 collaborative robot provide the ultimate warehouse automation through their ability to seamlessly collaborate with human workers. By leveraging advanced robotics and safety features, cobots augment productivity, meet surge demands, and enable continuous palletizing without compromising workforce safety. At Han’s Robot, we develop innovative collaborative robots. Our advanced solutions empower industries to transform workflows while prioritizing human-robot trust and cooperation. Our reliable products have been exported to over 100 countries worldwide, backed by our first-class service and support. To learn more about our palletizing and material handling solutions, visit our website.

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