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Danish delegation visited Han’s Robot

Date: 2017.12.20

On December 7th, 2017, a delegation of eight executives from SYD Dynamics, Rob Sense, Odense Robotics, Stable Gear from Odense, Denmark, organized by the Investment Promotion Agency of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited Shenzhen Han’s Robot Co., Ltd for product technology exchange and investment negotiation activities. The main purpose of the Danish mission is to hope that Danish robotics and automation companies will establish cooperation and investment partnerships with the giant robots. Mr. Wang Guangneng, General Manager of Han’s Robot, expressed his warm welcome to their visit and conducted technical and in-depth exchanges on robot products.


The delegation members show great interests in 6-axis collaborative robot-Elfin, which is easy to operate, with "traction teaching", "automatic load detection" and "graphical programming interface" and other functions, allowing the operator to quickly control the robot to automate the work, greatly reducing the cost. Mr. Wang also introduced the performance characteristics of the Elfin collaborative robot to the members of the delegation, and demonstrated the Elfin free-drive teaching function in the field. The Elfin robot's controller can import the 3D model of the entire automation system and perform dynamic simulation. At the same time, the robot body can be controlled by real-time industrial Ethernet EtherCAT, and the simulation is perfectly synchronized with the actual motion.


Star, a large-scale robot star product that integrates the robot's eye (visual), hand (Elfin and force control fixture), and foot (AGV), also attracted the interest of the delegation. The components were independently developed by the big family. Star's industrial design and ergonomics have improved the aesthetics and ease of operation of the robot; the laser sensor + anti-collision mechanism + multiple emergencies stop buttons and other security protection, greatly improving the security of the system.


After visiting, the Danish delegation also introduced their latest products and technologies to Han’s Robots, and conducted in-depth discussions on the feasibility of cooperation and investment in the robotics field.


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