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Sharing in Southern University of Science and Technology

Date: 2022.01.20

As we know, human-robot collaboration is the development trend of industrial robots, but is collaborative robot the ultimate form of robot development? As a professor of industry at Southern University of Science and Technology, Guangneng Wang, CEO of Han's Robot, came to the class this time to discuss "the development trend of collaborative robots" on campus. From the perspective of technology and market, he introduced the technological development of collaborative robots and artificial intelligence and some exciting applications.


Trends In Collaborative Robots Q&A


Q1: Due to the lack of robots in the community, students have not accumulated enough knowledge in the early stage. Does Han's Robot have any preparations for this?

A1: Yes, we are preparing a Han's Robot Development Community. In the future, users can easily access models, demos, programs, etc. for simulation by logging in to our development platform.


Q2: Starting from your own growth experience and career development experience, do you have any suggestions for students on how to better enter the robotics industry and their future career development routes?

A2: First, you should be really interested in robotics and love the industry. Second, don't be afraid because of insufficient knowledge reserves, keep practicing, find your own interests in the process, and actively think about how to solve it when you have difficulties, then you can continue to grow and become an expert in this field.


After the meeting, everyone discussed cooperation intentions in the field of robotics joint training, robotics industry applications, etc., to jointly explore and solve more social needs, and contribute to the rapid development of the robotics industry.


Han's Robot focuses on product innovation and the combination of production, education and research, and has developed many application scenarios in the field of education, such as:


01 VR training

Using VR robots, first, learn the operation of VR industrial robots, and then train the practical operation of physical collaborative robots. This can help to further deepen and consolidate the basic knowledge and skills training results of industrial robots, and greatly improve the effect of teaching and training.



02Cycle Assembly Process

Learn the motion following, multi-robot collaboration and smart camera applications of six-axis robots.



03 Mobile Robot

 Learn the control principles of mobile robots and AGVs, the motion follow-up of SCARA and cameras, the application of industrial cameras and the AGV scheduling system.



At present, Han's Robot has established long-term cooperative relations with more than 20 top international universities, and jointly cultivate talents for the future development of robots. Han's Robot is committed to more in-depth and extensive research results in the field of robotics.



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