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Han’s Robot and Peking University signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Date: 2019.01.15

On January 15, 2019, the signing ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Shenzhen Han’s Robot Co., Ltd. - Peking University was held in the Han’s Innovation Mansions. Wang Guangneng, general manager of Han’s Robot, Zhang Guoping, deputy general manager, Zheng Jianfeng, regional sales director of North China, Liu Li, distinguished professor of Peking University, and Liu Wuyue, general manager of Shansi Yueli ,attended the signing ceremony.attended this signing ceremony. 


On behalf of Han’s Robot, Wang Guangneng, general manager of Han’s Robot, firstly extended a warm welcome to Professor Liu and his team to visit our company. Mr. Wang introduced the development and achievements of Han’s Robot in the field of collaborative robot. Mr. Wang said that Han’s Robot has always been committed to propelling the development, promotion and application of robots in all walks of life. Han’s Robot hoped to work with Peking University to broaden the application range of collaborative robots and promote collaborative robots to a wider range of applications scenarios.
robots in the field of robotics, and highly praised the Elfin series of collaborative robots. Professor Liu believes that Elfin cobots have done a great job, comparing with other domestic collaboration brands in terms of simple operation, safety and stability. He led his research team to combine the high-precision force control technology with Elfin cobots, making Elfin collaborative robot more intelligent and one of the best cobot in the world.


Through the in-depth research and development of Elfin cobots, Professor Liu has a new idea of domestic collaborative robots development. He believes that the domestic brands represented by Elfin cobot already have quite good product maturity, which makes the collaborative robots have a deeper foundation in the application field, and there is huge potential to develop Elfin collaborative robots. Based on this point, Peking University hopes that through the cooperation with Han's Robot which has rich R&D and application experience in the field of collaborative robots will make the application of collaborative robots more extensive.


The cooperation between Han’s Robot and Peking University began with the common pursuit of both parties - enabling collaborative robots to be more widely applied in all walks of life, and the integration of each other's advantages will enable both parties to achieve greater achievements in the field of collaborative robotics. The signing of strategic cooperation means that the big family will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with Peking University, and a brighter future for collaborative robots! 


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