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Lighting Up East China Area - Han's Robot (Wuxi) was formally established

Date: 2022.05.31

In April 2022, Han's Robot (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., was officially established.



East China area has superior natural environment, rich product resources and rapid industrial development. In recent years, East China has built advanced manufacturing clusters. High-tech enterprises have developed rapidly in multiple industries such as automobiles, 3C electronics, and renewable energy. 



Han's Robot Co., Ltd., invested in and established by Han's Laser Technology Group, is a high-tech enterprise established on the basis of the Robot Division from Han's Motor. Since our inception, We have focused on the iteration and development of robotics technology. We are committed to the research and development, promotion and application of intelligent robots in the fields of industry, medical care, logistics, education, and services. At present, our products have also applied in multiple industries such as 3C, automobile, bathroom, health physiotherapy, precision medicine, lithium battery renewable energy, new consumption and education. The applications have covered loading and unloading, screw driving, grinding, gluing, training, diagnosis and treatment, etc.



In the future, Han's Robot will focus on the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing, service, new retail, logistics, medical, health and more industries in East China. 


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Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.