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Let's Meet in Hannover Messe at Hall Stand 6, Booth# E57

Date: 2023.04.12

Hannover Messe is the leading industry event showcasing the latest solutions for the whole manufacturing value-adding chain, from industrial production to logistics, to industrial energy systems. With an emphasis on Industry 4.0, Hannover Messes exhibitors of leading technology providers from around the world, attract more than 200,000 attendees from a variety of industrial sectors including manufacturing, capital goods, mechanical engineering, automotive, and many more.



Only 5 days away until we meet and chat at Hannover Messe 2023!! Please Visit Us At Hall Stand 6, Booth# E57.

We'll showcase our Elfin Cobot, Star Mobile Manipulators Robot, and NEW PRODUCT S Series Cobot AND Elfin-Ex Explosion-proof Cobot. In addition, we will have many attractive applications in Hannover Messe such as welding workstation, CNC loading and unloading, 3D Camera System for Picking, IP66 Waterproof and Massage Robot. Talk to our expert team and see how the high efficient robots can fulfill your automation needs.



More info about New Product:


Han's Robot S series collaborative robot

Han's Robot S series collaborative robot with high payloads and long arm reach, which can easily handle a super heavy 20KG payload and 1300mm~1700mm working radius.It can be widely used in machine loading and unloading, palletizing, assembly and heavy load handling applications. Han's Robot S series collaborative robot is a great tool for users to improve their productivity comprehensively, with a qualitative leap in product performance, safety protection, response time and anti-interference capability.


Elfifin-Ex Explosion-proof Collaborative Robot

Han's Robot introduces the explosion-proof collaborative robots, which have received national certification for explosion protection. It can replace workers and work in explosive hazardous environments to significantly reduce operational risks. The series adopts a leak-compensated positive pressure explosion-proof system with medium isolation of the ignition source, and the shell is designed with multiple sealing structures, thus realizing a compound explosion-proof structure of intrinsic safety and positive pressure; equipped with a positive pressure monitoring system, the positive pressure protection gas pressure of the robot can be monitored in real time and provides power failure protection , blocking explosive combustible gases and dust from entering the robot to avoid the risk of explosion.


More info about the applications:


Han's Robot Argon Arc Welding Workstation


Han's Robot argon arc welding workstation consists of Elfin-Pro series robot and industry-leading welding torch system. With the advantages of Elfin-Pro Robot force control,visual integration and high repeat positioning accuracy, the workstation can realize functions such as flexible dragging, contact positioning, arc tracking and laser tracking to complete the welding work perfectly. This application can increase the efficiency for the automatic production of auto parts, engineering machinery, metal processing and many other field.


CNC Loading and Unloading


One manipulator can be matched with multiple CNC machines to complete loading and unloading tasks automatically in the processing of machine tools, which can improve the production efficiency obviously and realize automatic loading and unloading as well as workpiece clamping easily. It is a mature and ideal product of "human-robot collaboration". At the same time, the repeated positioning accuracy of Han's collaborative robots Elfin can reach ± 0.02mm. Compared with manual loading and unloading, it fully guarantees the consistency of operation and realizes the standardized production of products.


3D Camera System for Picking


Han's Robot with the 3D vision recognition system can autonomously identify and locate, complete automatic picking,sorting and placement of disordered mixed products of different sizes. This solution is widely used in intelligent warehouse logistics for mixed material sorting, customized packaging and other multiple needs.


IP66 Waterproof


Han's Robot is the only manufacturer in the industry that can achieve mass production of IP66 collaborative robots. The dust-proof and waterproof characteristics make the cobot suitable for CNC loading and unloading, food processing, high cleanliness precision processing and many other applications. It can also applied in wet environment and other scenarios, and has been trusted by customers in more than 100 countries for more than 3 years


Massage Robot


Due to the fast-paced work and mental stress, about 75% of the world's population suffers the "Sub-health". Han's massage robot, collaborate with three major physical therapy technologies, can use end massage tools to press, push and knead,which not only highly simulate manual  massage, but also ensure the quality of service.In addition, the massage robot also supports presetting, recording and saving massage programs to meet the needs of different people.



Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.