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Congratulations | Han’s Robot won the 2023 Welding Robot Industrial Chain Pioneer Award

Date: 2023.10.18

On October 12th, the 2023 Welding Robot Technology and Application Summit was grandly held in Shanghai hosted by Gaogong Robot and GGII. Han's Robot had a deep conversation about the future of welding collaborative robots with more than 300 related industry chain professionals.


As an important processing technology equipment in modern industry, welding equipment is widely used in the military industry, aerospace, offshore engineering, pressure vessels, pipeline engineering, petrochemical engineering, engineering machinery, power engineering, construction, steel structure, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, light industry and civil industries. Gaogong Robot believes that with the continuous breakthroughs in automated welding, intelligent welding and welding-related technologies, automated welding equipment, welding robots will become an inevitable trend in the future development of the industry.


Han's Robot won the "2023 Welding Robot Industrial Chain Pioneer Award: Advanced Technology Award" for its continuous innovation in the field of welding collaborative robots, becoming an important part of leading the development of welding collaborative robots.



As a pioneer in promoting the transformation of traditional manual welding to automatic robot welding, based on its long-term practical experience, Han's Robot has successively launched collaborative robots that can be applied to stationary, trolley-type and portable (equipped with magnetic base) and other forms of collaborative robots, which can meet a variety of complex welding scenarios. With arc tracking and laser seam tracking technologies, Han's welding robots are able to correct welding deviations in real time, improving welding quality and making welding operations easier.


In practical applications, Han's Robot is highly recognized by its many partners and end-users. In addition, it has creatively solved the problems and troubles of transitioning to robotic automatic welding for customers.



Importantly, with unique advantages in core technology, product design and user experience, Hans Robot is more suitable for welding applications:


Robotic arm structure more suitable for welding: The collaborative robots adopt unique two-joint modular design, and a motion module contains two joints, which constitute a unique kinematic structure and achieve high flexibility in the welding process.


Arm spread design closer to welding requirements: With arm spread range of 590mm-1800mm, maximum working range to 1.8m, joint motion range of ±360° and multiple modules, Elfin-Pro series collaborative robots can meet different welding requirements.


Higher accuracy: The collaborative robots adopt more advanced motion control algorithms to raise the repeatability to ±0.02mm, the accuracy to ±0.2mm and the trajectory accuracy to ±0.5mm at full-load speed.


More convenient and efficient demonstration operation: Elfin-Pro supports integrated terminal force control and can be easily dragged using a dragging force of less than 1N. Elfin-Pro has optional integrated AI visual function and visual positioning accuracy to 0.2mm and adopts indoor cabling and integrated design for drag-free visual guidance and demonstration.


Better environmental adaptability: Based on EtherCAT ultra-long-distance deployment, the connecting cable between the Han's robot and the control box can be extended to 50m, and can be combined with a magnetic base, gantry crane, truss, etc. to achieve flexible handling and is suitable for welding workshop in complex production environments.


Simpler and more useful welding process: Transforming senior welder's skills and practical experience into welding process parameters, even beginning welders can complete welding work on different tracks and materials through simple settings, meeting the requirements for most welding application scenarios.



Developing welding collaborative robots to complete tasks through human-machine collaboration can not only help enterprises upgrade production line automation and improve quality and efficiency, but also greatly improve the welding working environment. Therefore, applying the cobots into more standardized and high-repetition work, which is the inevitable choice for Hans Robot to practice the enterprise mission of "serving humanity with robot technology".


We sincerely hope to work with more domestic and foreign robot vision and controller manufacturers, welding industry customers, integrators and other partners to jointly promote the intelligent upgrading and transformation of the welding industry.

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Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.