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Han's Welding Cobot Helps Efficiency Improvement in Multiple Industries

Date: 2024.02.20

Welding technology is a very important process in industrial manufacturing. Generally speaking, as long as there are metal materials processing place will be used welding process. However, manual welding requires welders to maintain a specific operating posture for long periods of time and to adapt to dangerous, hot working environments.


The use of collaborative robots for automated welding operations can effectively solve the shortage of skilled welders, poor consistency of welding quality and other issues, helping companies to realize cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and production line upgrading. At present, with the advantages of ease of use, high efficiency and high precision, Han's welding cobots have been successfully applied in many industries.


1. E03-Pro is used for medium thick plate welding in the shipbuilding industry.

In the field of shipbuilding, the demand for medium-thick plate welding is relatively high, and the customer requires that "the welding robot should be light in weight and be able to adapt to the complex environment of the shipyard".E03-Pro collaborative robot's body weighs 18KG, and a single person can carry it to any position in the welding workshop; it is easy to operate, and it can be used through drag-and-drop teaching (with the ability of integrated end force control), graphical control, and other functions. end force control capability), graphical programming, quickly complete the automated welding setup; in addition, E03-Pro has a high positioning accuracy of ±0.02mm, and has the functions of visual tracking of weld seams and arc tracking, which ensures the quality of welding and meets the requirements of welding precision.


2. E05 applied to bridge steel structure welding

A customer in the bridge field is concerned about the welding quality of the robot and also wants to customize the secondary development of the welding robot. The high degree of platform openness is one of the core advantages of Han's Robot, such as rich communication interfaces, SDK interfaces, and support for ROS systems, so that customers can complete secondary development. In terms of final welding results, the welding robot built on E05 is highly efficient, with high welding standardization and consistency.


3. E05-Pro is used in welding of agricultural machinery and equipment

The customer is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of agricultural machinery and equipment. Due to the poor working environment in the welding workshop, the welders have to work hard. Therefore, customers require welding robots to be simple to operate. The E05-Pro welding robot has integrated end force control capabilities and more flexible teaching. It can be easily dragged with only a drag force within 3N, and it can be taught once and used repeatedly. The most important thing is that the Elfin-Pro series has a protection level of IP66, so it can work normally in dusty welding workshops.


4. E10L is used in the welding of steel structure building materials in the construction industry

The customer is responsible for the prefabricated production of building steel and has a high demand for welding. According to the unique needs of customers, Han's Robot installed the flexible E10L collaborative robot on an electric smart forklift to make its movement more efficient and convenient. The E10L is designed to meet the needs of welding. Its maximum working range reaches 1300mm, the rated load is 8KG, and the movement range of each joint is ±360°. It is very flexible during the welding process and can reach every corner within a spherical space with a radius of 1.3 meters.


5. E10L-Pro and E10 are used in welding of machine tools and laser cutting machine equipment components

The customer is a leading company in the field of sheet metal processing. The E10L-Pro and E10 collaborative robots are mainly used for welding equipment components of CNC machine tools and flat-panel laser cutting machines. The customer focuses on the trajectory accuracy of the collaborative robot. Han's robots adopt more advanced motion control algorithms. Under full load and full speed, the repetitive positioning accuracy can reach ±0.02mm, the absolute positioning accuracy can reach ±0.2mm, and the trajectory accuracy can reach ±0.5mm, meeting the needs of most customers for welding applications.


6. Elfin cobot is used in hardware and 3C electronic laser welding applications

In terms of laser welding, Han's Robot has an absolute advantage. Han's collaborative robots, Han's lasers, Han's laser swing welding heads, Han's galvanometer systems, Han's control systems and other key components form a laser welding robot. It has a high degree of self-research, is compatible with welding seam visual trackers and external axes, supports PLC interactive control, and can meet high-precision and complex trajectory welding requirements. It has application cases in mechanical hardware, 3C electronics and new energy fields.


With the advantages of simple operation, flexible deployment, safety and stability, and self-developed core components, Han's Robots can meet customers' various complex welding needs and help the manufacturing industry accelerate automation upgrades.

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Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.