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Meet Han’s Robot at Automate 2024 for the Smartest Cobots

Date: 2024.04.16

Automate is a premier event in North America. It brings together professionals from different industries to explore the latest advancements in automation technology. This year, the Automate Show will take place in Chicago, Illinois, USA, from May 6th to 9th. Industries leaders like Siemens and Omron have confirmed their attendance at Automate 2024, and Han’s Robot, an experienced collaborative robot brand, is no exception.

Where to Meet Han’s Robot

You can meet Han’s Robot at:

Booth: #253 

Venue: McCormick Place | Chicago, Illinois, USA


What to Expect at Our Booth

At Automate 2024, you can expect a wide range of our innovative collaborative robots. Integrated with the latest automation technology, they find applications across industries, e.g., automotive, 3C electronics, metalworking, CNC, etc.



Our Elfin Collaborative Robot features a 6-axis and dual-joint module design, which provides a wide range of motion and flexible movements. Its optimized singularity helps avoid homogeneity and enhances versatility. With an all-in-one module of fully self-developed reducer, motor, encoder, drive, and software, the Elfin Collaborative Robot simplifies maintenance, upgrades, and customization.


Elfin excels in CNC loading and unloading. It ensures precise component placement.


Combined with an optimized control system, Elfin is also suitable for high-speed handling tasks.



Elfin-Pro Collaborative Robot is developed based on our Elfin cobot. It is widely used to achieve welding tasks in different working environments. Integrated with end force control, Elfin-Pro allows users to easily drag the welding torch to the target welding point. A simple click on the button can establish and complete a welding task.


The integrated end-force control enables Elfin-Pro to perform tasks with precision and safety. It helps maintain a consistent arc length and ensures that the welding torch is applied with the correct pressure.


S Heavy Payload

S Heavy Payload Collaborative Robot has a high payload capacity of up to 30kg. It can effortlessly handle hefty boxes and dense items and efficiently arrange up to 13 boxes per minute. Its expansive working radius of 1800mm offers a roomy workspace for diverse and configurable palletizing needs. Coupled with EtherCAT bus communication, S Heavy Payload cobot achieves fast response times.


Why Do We Attend Automate 2024

Our engagement in Automate 2024 is driven by a strategic goal to establish and strengthen collaborative ties with other entities. Our collaborative robots, characterized by high accuracy and flexibility, exemplify our commitment to innovation and excellence.


At Han’s Robot, we aspire to work with companies that share our vision for the future of intelligent robots. We value the exchange of ideas and knowledge that such partnerships can bring, as it not only enriches our own development efforts but also contributes to the collective progress of the industry.


We also see Automate 2024 as a prime opportunity to demonstrate the practical applications and benefits of our collaborative robots in different industrial settings. We expect to attract potential partners who recognize the transformative potential of our technology and are eager to integrate it into their operations.


Meet Han’s Robot at Automate 2024

Join us at the Automate trade show to see our collaborative robots for yourself. Experience firsthand the advanced capabilities that set our cobots apart and see how they can transform your operations. We eagerly await your visit at booth #253 in McCormick Place, Chicago. Mark your calendars for May 6-9 and prepare to be impressed by the future of automation.


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Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.