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Revolutionizing the Hardware Industry with Spraying Robots

Date: 2024.05.17

Our system enables effective and batch spraying operations by combining cutting-edge features including drag-and-drop instruction, trajectory following, and offline programming. Discover the power of Han's Robot's spraying robots to transform your hardware industry spraying procedures.


Trajectory Following for Precise Spraying

Han's Robot's spraying robots redefine precision with their trajectory following function. Our robots can accurately follow predefined paths, ensuring consistent and precise spraying results. This capability eliminates the need for manual repositioning and reduces the margin of error, resulting in high-quality spray coatings. Trust in Han's Robot's spraying robots to achieve precise and uniform spraying in the hardware industry.


Streamlined Operation with Drag-and-Drop Teaching

At Han's Robot, we prioritize user-friendliness and efficiency in our spraying robots. Our Elfin-Ex cobot supports drag-and-drop teaching, simplifying the programming process. Operators can intuitively set up spraying parameters and define spraying paths by dragging the robot arm to desired positions. This streamlined operation eliminates the complexity of traditional programming methods, reducing preparation time and enhancing overall productivity.


Offline Programming for Batch Spraying Operations

Han's Robot's spraying robots offer offline programming capabilities, enabling batch spraying operations. With offline programming, operators can plan and optimize spraying paths and parameters without interrupting ongoing operations. This feature significantly shortens the preparation time before spraying operations and allows for efficient and uninterrupted batch spraying. Choose Han's Robot's spraying robots for streamlined and time-saving batch spraying operations in the hardware industry.


Efficient Automatic Spraying with Han's Elfin-Ex Cobot

Han's Robot offers the Elfin-Ex explosion-proof cobot, a game-changer in the hardware industry for automatic spraying tasks. Our spraying robot is equipped with advanced technology that allows it to follow precise trajectories, ensuring even and consistent spraying results. The Elfin-Ex cobot optimizes the spraying process, eliminating the need for manual spraying and reducing human labor requirements. With its high speed and accuracy, our spraying robot enhances efficiency and productivity in the hardware industry.



Han's Robot leads the way in revolutionizing the hardware industry with our advanced spraying robots. With the Elfin-Ex explosion-proof cobot, we deliver precise spraying capabilities with trajectory following functions. Benefit from the user-friendly drag-and-drop teaching feature, simplifying programming and reducing preparation time.

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Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.