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Collaborative Robot in the Automotive Industry

Date: 2024.05.27

Collaborative robots (cobots) are designed to safely work alongside humans. They combine human dexterity with industrial consistency. In the automotive industry, cobots help automate manufacturing, performing repetitive jobs to maximize efficiency while freeing up employees for higher-level roles. As technologies advance, more automotive processes integrate collaborative robot solutions to automate labor-intensive tasks.


collaborative robot in automotive industry


Collaborative Robots: Tasks Performed in Automotive Manufacturing

In automotive manufacturing, collaborative robot solutions carry out an array of tasks that enhance production. Some key roles of cobots include:


  1. Refinish Spraying

Cobots are used for tasks like spray painting vehicle bodies in production assembly lines. They can complete refinishing work with precision, applying the exact amount of paint required which helps reduce costs.


  1. Installation/Assembly of Auto Parts

Cobots aid in assembling interior vehicle parts with precision and efficiency. Their collaborative design allows them to work safely with people to install items like seat belts, air vents, audio systems, and more with consistent quality.


  1. Screw Tightening

Efficient collaborative robot models ensure bolts and screws are properly fastened on components throughout the vehicle. They tighten things like screws on car lighting, air intake grilles, new energy battery packs, and other parts with repetitive accuracy to help meet production standards.


  1. Car Headlamp Gluing

A cobot solution collaborates to automatically glue headlamp assemblies, applying the right amount of adhesive in each spot to durably mount lights.


  1. Car Tire Cleaning

Cobots help sanitize tires to remove contaminants and prepare them for vehicles coming off the assembly line. Working collaboratively, they efficiently scrub tires to meet cleanliness standards.


  1. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting operations intricately cut high-quality automotive interior trim pieces, dashboards, and controls to tolerance. Quality collaborative robot models collaborate to complete these intricate cuts for a perfect custom fit.


  1. Loading and Unloading

Seat parts, dashboard controls, and accessories require deft placement into vehicle interiors. Cobots collaborate to efficiently load and position these components to movement standards.


  1. Marking

A high-performance collaborative robot works alongside employees to apply identifying marks or labels onto auto parts moving down the assembly line. Its precision helps streamline the tracking of steering wheels and other critical components.



Benefits of Cobots in the Automotive Industry

Integrating collaborative robots into automotive manufacturing provides several key benefits. Some examples include:


  1. Improved Worker Safety

Collaborative robots in manufacturing promote safe collaboration with people. They handle hazardous jobs like spray painting vehicles where employees could be exposed to harmful chemicals, fumes, or repetitive strain from strenuous tasks. This protects human workers from injury.


  1. Consistent Quality

As cobots perform repetitive production roles each time with the same precision, quality standards can be more uniformly achieved. A reliable collaborative robot ensures bolts are consistently tightened, seam welds are accurate, and paint is applied evenly without variation. This level of repetitive performance helps reduce defects from manual labor.


  1. Increased Efficiency

Automating tedious roles like tightening hundreds of screws with collaborative robots boosts productivity. This is because it allows multiple such processes to occur simultaneously. It also frees up employees to focus on more specialized jobs that add greater value, like system calibration or vehicle inspections.


Han’s Robot: Your Reliable Collaborative Robot Manufacturer

Han’s Robot is a global leader and pioneer in intelligent robotics. We have been developing collaborative robots for many years. We currently serve customers in more than 100 countries worldwide with advanced cobot solutions tailored to industries like automotive manufacturing. Investing in Han’s Robot means gaining a strong production productivity partner in the long run. Key reasons why automotive manufacturers should choose our collaborative robot models include:


  1. Higher Accuracy

At Han’s Robot, we design each joint and link of our robotic arms for optimal position control and repeatability with an accuracy of ±0.02mm. Complex tasks like varied vehicle interior installation are handled with micrometer-level precision.


  1. Higher Flexibility

Our cobots incorporate flexible joints and customizable end effectors or grippers tailored to industry needs. This enables them to nimbly undertake intricate jobs as well as heavy lifting/loading in an active collaborative work cell.


  1. Higher Durability and Safety

All our collaborative robot models are engineered to withstand demanding auto manufacturing environments with sealed protections against weld splatter, dust, and liquid spills. Intelligent sensors and controls provide operators peace of mind through advanced safety rated for close human interaction.


Han's collaborative robot



Overall, the integration of cobots into automotive manufacturing provides numerous advantages. Cobots automate hazardous and repetitive jobs, improving ergonomics and quality consistency. This allows human workers to focus on more skilled roles. At Han’s Robot, we design intelligent, flexible, and durable robots for enhanced productivity. Investing in a seasoned cobot company like ours supports automating processes for improved competitiveness. Browse our website for information about our high-tech cobot solutions.

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