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Application Story of Han’s Collaborative Robot | Car Lamp Gluing

Date: 2021.05.27


In the year 2021, due to the impact of the global epidemic and the effective control of the epidemic by the Chinese government, domestic manufacturing orders have achieved fully-loaded growth and the intelligent transformation, upgrading and high quality development have become the continuous pace of China's manufacturing industry.


Under the circumstances that labor costs remain high, workers are difficult to recruit, and market competition is fierce, product manufacturing costs directly influence the company's competitive advantage and living space.


Project background

For example, in the auto and motorcycle parts industry, hot melt adhesive is used in early traditional car lamp gluing, it needs to be heated one hour in advance before the sealant. In this situation, some companies with a higher degree of automation use industrial robots for trajectory operation to meet the production requirements.


Project challenge

The use of hot melt adhesive requires heating of the sealant, which leads to high energy consumption.

The heating of sealant generates harmful gas, which will harm the health of the workers;

The application of industrial robots for gluing requires additional safety protection on site. Besides, the robots and control systems are large in size and occupy a lot of space.

Relatively professionals are needed for programming and debugging, which leads to high labor cost.

The method of one hot melt equipment work with one industrial robot leads to high equipment cost.


In order to solve the gluing problem in automobile and motorcycle parts industry, Han's Robot has offered a solution according to actual needs of customers.


Solution — Han's Collaborative Robot + Cold Glue

By integrating one glue equipment works with two collaborative robots, one cold glue equipment could supply glue to two collaborative robots for double-station free gluing which improves the efficiency and quality of glue, avoids the health impact of glue on workers, and greatly reduces labor and equipment costs.



Efficient and high quality

Ultra-high-precision linear trajectory gluing can easily solve the gluing problems of curved surfaces and complex parts, which stabilize production cycles, and improve yield rate.


Energy saving and low consumption

The collaborative robot has low power and the cold glue doesn’t need to be heated, which greatly reduces energy consumption.


Safe and reliable

No harmful gas is generated during the whole process, thus there is no peculiar smell;

Moreover, the collaborative robot has collision stop protection function to ensure the health and safety of the staff.


Flexible and easy to use

The equipment is light and handy, one for two glues, ready to use; simple operation, free learning cost. 



Comparison after deployment
Project Industrial Robot + Hot Melt Adhesive Han's Collaborative Robot + Cold Glue
Energy consumption  glue heating (high)
Robot power (high)
Cold glue (none)
Robot power (low)
Environment harmful gases
Severe odor
no harmful gas
No odor
Safety No Safety collision stop Safety collision stop
Skills Professional programmers Easy to learn and use
Occupied Area Large area
Two for two
Lightweight and flexible
One for two
Cost High cost of one-time
equipment investment
High cost of use
Centralized glue supply,
flexible deployment
Low cost of use


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Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.