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PCB industry embraces Han’s Elfin cobot solution for loading and unloading

Date: 2020.09.21

PCB industry embraces Han’s Elfin cobot solution for loading and unloading


►PCB industry shows a promising growth opportunity and a severe labor challenge for PCB industry workers

According to the in-depth survey of the latest market research report of Technavio on Global Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Market 2020-2024, Technavio has been monitoring the printed circuit board (PCB) market and it is poised to grow by USD 10.85 billion during 2020-2024, at a CAGR of over 3% during the forecast period. 


As the PCB industry grows fast, addressing the severe labor shortage in PCB boards loading and unloading jobs has become an urgent problem to be solved for PCB manufacturers. The production process of PCB boards is repetitive, tiring, and complicated as the entire production and manufacturing process involves a variety of repetitive actions, such as loading and unloading, turning, and other processes, and the production and manufacturing process will produce harmful irritating gases and other chemical substances, such as heavy metals, acids, alkalis, etc, so it is a very wise decision for PCB manufacturers to embrace Han’s Elfin cobot solution to tackle this labor challenge!


►What’re the advantages of Han’s Elfin cobot brings to the PCB industry?

Elfin collaborative robots are known for safety, flexible deployment, and easy programming! Elfin cobot is designed to work alongside people! People don’t need to worry about if they are close to cobot as Elfin cobot will immediately stop when it encounters a collision, which will not inflict harm and cause the extra cost for safety fence like a traditional robot. Check out the video, you will find PCB industry worker work with Elfin cobots harmoniously:


In the PCB industry workshop, PCB manufacturers usually prepare wide space for the machine’s operation, which is costly and wasteful. With Elfin cobots, PCB manufacturers can deploy Elfin cobot at any angle and working space, and don’t spend extra money in space as elfin cobot don’t require additional space for deployment, and complex installment.


Elfin collaborative robots are easy to maintain and program, even a middle school student can operate Elfin cobot after 10 mins teaching. The loading and unloading of PCB boards involve many move designs to accomplish the application, but PCB manufacturers can easily realize the application with the help of Elfin cobots. With the new function of the Elfin cobot-Free Drive Button, you just need a one-press start and then you can teach your robot with hands dragging robot to create the desired trajectory, and Elfin cobots will move at the trajectory you set. Easy programming saves a lot of time and money PCB manufacturers supposed to spend in robot programming professionals.


Han’s Elfin cobot is safer when working with people, and Elfin cobot will stop immediately when encountering light collision, which is helpful to avoid work injury accident. 


Low deployment cost and simple installation make Elfin cobots are accessible at any working space without any extra cost. does not require safe isolation of space and equipment, it basically does not require additional space for deployment, so that it can be deployed at the original operator's location. 


Collaborative robots have brought operational solutions to the pain points of the industry. In practical applications, collaborative robots can realize the upgrade of automated production lines in the PCB industry without basically changing the existing production lines. 


►Eflin cobots maximize the benefits of the PCB industry with powerful design 

For now, the application of collaborative robots to the PCB manufacturing industry is just in the beginning stage, but here is a big shortage of labor for the PCB industry. Such as adapting to the trend of flexibility and small-batch production in the PCB industry, training professional operators, and so on. But it is foreseeable that the future of the PCB industry will use more and more collaborative industrial robots.


Click here for more application video!

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