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Date: 2020.08.07

What’s the impact of the novel COVID-19 pandemic on collaborative robots, and what’re new opportunities for collaborative robots market?
Collaborative robots market worth $7,972m by 2026


According to the Collaborative Robot Hardware statistical survey study, 2019 is the base year for collaborative robots, and 2020-2027 is considered as the estimated time frame to anticipate the market size. The collaborative robot will undergo the rapid development in the next coming years, and boost the business of Small and Medium Enterprise. The effect of the novel COVID-19 pandemic speeds up the development of collaborative robots, which provides many new opportunities for collaborative robot manufacturers to take the market in different fields.



First of all, the collaborative robot offers an intelligent solution to help to fight against epidemic diseases. Because of the outbreak of the novel COVID-19, it’s compulsory to disinfect the public areas for preventing the spread of epidemic diseases, and also risky and exhausting for people to do disinfection job. Don’t worry about it! The collaborative robot provides the round-the-clock disinfection for the public areas such as hospitals, schools, and shopping malls, don’t need a break! The following video shows that Elfin collaborative robots perform the ultraviolet disinfection, which makes it possible to free people for a more valuable job like taking care and treating infected patients:


The novel COVID-19 poses a huge challenge for people’s lives, families, and communities, on the other hand, it also makes people aware of the utilization of collaborative robots. In the past, people would consider collaborative robots because of the expensive labor cost, now they maybe want to replace people with collaborative robots as the epidemic diseases spread fast in crowds. Like the following news about many breaks on the meat process plant:



Not only the meat processing plant, the toy production plant, and other production plants also will possibly face the same problems in the future. Elfin Collaborative robots are designed to do repetitive and risky jobs to replace people constantly, so the Elfin collaborative robot will be the cost-effective choice for the production plant, and more and more people will choose the Elfin collaborative robot to boost their productivity and avoid the risk of epidemic diseases.


What the benefits of Elfin collaborative robot will bring to SMEs fighting against the epidemic diseases? Elfin collaborative robots will give SMEs a hand to boost productivity round-the-clock with its features: safety, flexible deployment, and easy programming!











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