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Here’s the quickest solution for collaborative robot’ grippers changing!

Date: 2020.08.17


Collaborative robots are popular with SMEs now to handle their needs as collaborative robots are flexible deployment and easy programming especially handling their fast-changing production line. But it’s troublesome for manufactures to change the gripper automatically, which takes some time and also requires engineering knowledge to finish it. And there are many types and sizes of grippers designed for different pick-and-place tasks, if every time people have to change the grippers one by one as the production line change for different production needs, its time-consumed and low efficiency!



Elfin collaborative robots cooperate with our gripper partners- SRT soft gripper to develop an easy solution to realize the automatic change of grippers in 3 seconds! You don’t need to stop the Elfin collaborative robot to change the grippers and integrate new grippers with Elfin collaborative robot for your changing production needs. Elfin collaborative robot will automatically change the gripper’s type according to the production needs, which saves more time for manufacturing and increase production efficiency greatly. Check out the following video and find the quickest solution for collaborative robot’s grippers changing!


Hans robot is dedicated to the innovation of collaborative robot for easy automation for all fields of manufacturers, and the flagship product of Han’s robot-Elfin collaborative robot is designed to help SMEs to finish their productions task in a quick and easy way! Find Elfin collaborative robot’s application video you curious about in our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/HansRobot/

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