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Han’s Robot In Chicago - IMTS 2022 Review

Date: 2022.09.26

Two weeks ago, Han's Robot participated in IMTS as an exhibitor.


At IMT S2022, Han's Robot have exhibited mechanical manufacturing related applications including welding, CNC loading and unloading, picking, and screwing.


1. Welding



Due to the serious labor shortage of high-risk work, it becomes urgent to improve the working efficiency and the working environment through human-robot cooperation. Han's collaborative robots Elfin are easy to operate, since they can be applied through simple programming, which can both save time and cost. Moreover, Elfin can realize various welding processes like plane welding, three-dimensional welding, and arc welding, complete the welding of various parts and workpieces with high quality and precision, reduce the workload of welders effectively, improve the production efficiency, and achieve the integration of production and operation.



2. CNC loading and unloading



Han's collaborative robots are adopted to help operators. One manipulator can handle with multiple CNC machines to complete loading and unloading tasks automatically in the processing of machine tools, which can improve the production efficiency obviously and realize automatic loading and unloading as well as workpiece clamping easily. It is an ideal product of "human-robot collaboration". At the same time, the repeatability of Han's collaborative robots Elfin  can reach ± 0.02mm. Compared with manual loading and unloading, it fully guarantees the consistency of operation and realizes the  standardized production of products.



3. Picking



To handle disordered workpieces, the application of collaborative robots in picking and placing task is a good beginning for the reduction of the repetitive work of workers. Han's Collaborative Robots Elfin are suitable for a variety of different types of fixtures, and they can automatically identify the orientation and angle of objects and complete the sorting of objects at the running speed of 2m/s.



4. Screwing



Han's Robots are advocated to change repetitive work through  human-robot cooperation. Our collaborative robots Elfin can align and lock screws accurately, which can avoid manual missing and skewing and solve the problems about the low efficiency of manual screw locking and the difficulty in ensuring product consistency and process quality. Meanwhile, Elfin Collaborative Robots also support frontal installation, side installation and flip installation, which are extremely flexible, convenient, and applicable in different industries. With these characteristics, the robots perform well in car lights, air grilles, engine screw locking, toy gun screw locking and other scenes.




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