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Applying Han’s Robot In Education Industry

Date: 2022.11.08

Applying Han's Robot to the robot teaching platform enables trainees to receive more systematic training in simulating real industrial scenarios.



1. Digital Robot Teaching Platform

A new way to change traditional teaching: traditional practical teaching requires entering factories or schools to establish practical teaching centers, which will increase higher teaching costs; at the same time, welding, cutting and other applications have certain risks. In the digital platform, all tools, equipment, materials, etc. have corresponding digital forms, and the parameters of the digital form and the parameters of the physical entity are exactly the same and correspond to each other.



The main hardware of the platform consists of a VR robot training and operation machine, Han's collaborative robot Elfin, VR helmet (1 set), VR operation handle (2 pairs) locator, 1 Tablet, 1 set of trackers and other equipment.



After students enter the training system through the display screen, they can choose to wear a helmet, operate the robot arm directly on the Tablet through a virtual teach pendant, or operate the handle to realize the virtual-real interaction between the virtual cobot and the real cobot.


In terms of application scenarios, the digital twin robot teaching platform deeply fits the actual needs. Based on the various applications of Han's collaborative robots, it now covers typical industrial scenarios such as cutting, welding, and assembly, and achieves accurate mapping and virtual-real interaction.




2. Education Training Platform

The educational training platform consists of the Han's collaborative robot Elfin, a workbench, and multi-modular functions. By using the workstation, students can fully learn the relevant knowledge and operation technology of collaborative robots, and can also know the electrical connection and integration methods of industrial robots.


The modular functional design can be customized for teaching and practical application needs. The platform has flexible expansion interfaces to facilitate secondary development and integration. At present, the platform has supported functions such as cyclic assembly, handling, palletizing, and drawing.


3. Looking Forward To Cooperation

Han's Robot looks forward to working with more partners to improve innovation and more applications in the education industry.

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Please fill in your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.